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Die Oblast Kyjiw nach der „russischen Befreiung“

23 Bilder aus den Orten Borodjanka, Irpin, Dymer, Rudnja-Talska

"Barbecue" Under Fire

The harsh everyday life of the inhabitants of Mariupol, who cannot leave the city, surrounded by Russian troops.

Escape from Gostomel

“We could be killed at any time, and because of that, we wrote our names on our wrists so we could be identified”.

Chornobayivka 14:0

14 Russian attempts to take Ukrainian airfield failed

Die zerstörte Stadt Irpin

In Irpin gab es starke Gefechte zwischen der ukrainischen und der russischen Armee. Die Ortschaft wurde stark beschossen und ist zu weiten Teilen zerstört.

In the City Center of Bucha

A massacre of the Ukrainian population was committed in Bucha. Ukrainian media outlets have reported the discovery of 300 corpses with more being found every day. How does situation look in the center of the Kyiv suburb look at the moment?

Das Zentrum von Butscha

In Butscha wurde ein Massaker an der ukrainischen Bevölkerung verübt. Ukrainische Medien berichten jeden Tag über neue Leichenfunde. Derzeit sind es über 300. Wie sieht es derzeit im Zentrum des Kyjiwer Vororts aus?

They Vilely Kill Us Here

Sergei Perebyinis lost his wife, teenage son and nine-year-old daughter. His family were killed by mortar shelling while trying to evacuate from the town of Irpin near Kyiv

Day 40th

List of key events in Ukraine

Facing the War

A female pharmacist is seriously injured after the city of Kharkiv was shelled by Russian artillery TRIGGER WARNING

“We left our homes”

Ukrainian refugees who were forced to leave their homes due to the Russian invasion shared details of their ordeal

Killed and Raped

“Women were raped in front of their kids, girls - in front of their families, as a deliberate act of subjugation." Ukrainian authorities disclosed horrifying crimes of Russian soldiers in Bucha, Irpin and Gostomel TRIGGER WARNING

The 35rd Day of the War

Ukrainian data from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, information in Russian sources - differs

“I Feel Safe In Basement”

“A few days after the war began, we learned to distinguish missiles flying by their sound. Every time when the ground shook and trembled, we ran to a bomb shelter, knowing that shelling is coming”, Olena Shovgenya, 42, from Kharkiv said.

Chernobyl now

Why the situation in Chernobyl is nearing another catastrophe again?

Law to kill

Ukrainian lawyers have outlined who can kill Russian soldiers and on what occasions

Russischer Rapper unterstützt die Ukraine

Zum Auftakt seiner Konzerttournee „Russians Against War Tour“ spendete der Musiker Oxxxymiron an die Ukraine

Evacuation continues..

Thousands of people at the country’s railway stations are waiting to be evacuated to a safer place. Volunteers of the Emergency Response Teams of Ukrainian Red Cross in different parts of the country are on duty around the clock at railway stations. In the tents of Ukrainian Red Cross, volunteers help hundreds of people, providing them with first aid, first psychological aid, water and snacks.