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Phillip Shykolai

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How dangerous are incendiary weapons

Despite the widespread damage they cause and the extraordinary danger they pose to civilians, incendiary munitions are only banned for use in conflicts in a few specific cases.

Russia deported half a million Ukrainian children

The Russian military deported at least 555,128 children from the occupied regions of Ukraine to Russia, and introduced a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for Ukrainian children.

Today is Ukraine’s National Flag Day

Since 2004 when it was introduced by Ukraine’s first president, Leonid Kuchma, Ukrainians have taken the 23rd of August to appreciate their national flag.

School during the war

The war has given Ukrainian parents anxiety about whether schools are safe for their children.

Why don’t all Ukrainians speak Ukrainian?

83% of Ukrainians believe that Ukrainian should be the only official language of Ukraine. 7% of the Ukrainian population think that Russian can be the co-official language of Ukraine – until February 24, 2022 that number had been 25%.

As the harvest begins, Russia eyes Ukrainian wheat

On June 13, the harvest season began in Ukraine. Ukraine has already gathered 1.1 million tons of wheat. On July 7, Russian shelling started fires in wheat fields in two regions, 20 hectares were burned down.

Ukraine’s losses reach $600 billion

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has caused enormous economic damage to the latter. According to official figures, the damage to the Ukrainian economy due to the war has already reached $600 billion.

Ukrainian troops withdrew from Lysychansk.

In order to preserve the lives of the Ukrainian defenders, the decision to withdraw was made.

600 million hryvnia in 3 days

On June 22nd, (his birthday), Serhiy Prytula announced the collection of 500 million UAH per week to buy three Bayraktars. On June 24th, the fund’s account had already collected 600 million UAH!

10 million euros donated in one day

The Ukrainian people are not only fighting back by joining the army; they're also fighting back with their wallets!