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Яна Стойкова | Yana Stoikova

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Ukraine’s losses reach $600 billion

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has caused enormous economic damage to the latter. According to official figures, the damage to the Ukrainian economy due to the war has already reached $600 billion.

Music between war and peace

Popular rock band Bez Obmezhen (Without Limits) combines free performances with concerts that raise money in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Shelled by mortars and BM-21 Grad launchers

A migrant from Russia shared how he fled from the Ukrainian city of Rubizhne during an attack by Russian troops

“I Feel Safe In Basement”

“A few days after the war began, we learned to distinguish missiles flying by their sound. Every time when the ground shook and trembled, we ran to a bomb shelter, knowing that shelling is coming”, Olena Shovgenya, 42, from Kharkiv said.