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Галіна Остаповець | Galyna Ostapovets

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Ukraine began liberation of the occupied south

At the end of August, the Ukrainian army launched a counteroffensive in the south and east of Ukraine.

The city was full of corpses

A resident of Mariupol told KATAPULT Ukraine how she lived in the city, which was subjected to constant shelling for about a month, and managed to survive.

“How will I live when I am not a man anymore?”

Women, men and teenagers are victims of sexual violence by Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

Not their war: the children killed in Ukraine

Losing a son is unbearably tough. My wife is beside herself with grief, crying all the time. It is a pointless war, we haven't done anything to them.

Maybe he will see again

9-years-old Denis Voronoy, suffered a severe head wound during heavy shelling in Chernihiv and nearly lost his eyesight

Kherson Oblast Under Occupation

The southern Ukrainian Oblast of Kherson, which once had over one million residents and borders occupied Crimea, is now one of the “bloodiest ” areas in Ukraine.