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War in Ukraine

May 9th - May 15th

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Particulary positive news:
> Rescuers delivered 40 tons of water per day to the residents of Luhansk and the surrounding region.

Other news:
> A Russian ship has been spotted moving stolen Ukrainian grain to Syria.
> The Russian army has destroyed almost 38,000 houses in Ukraine and more than 220,000 citizens need housing.
> Mariupol is threatened by an epidemic due to water problems.

Uplifting news:
> In Mykolayiv and the general area, canned meat and bread will be distributed to the population free of charge.
> The Security Service of Ukraine prevented a terrorist attack in Zaporizhzhia and detained its perpetrator.

Other news:
> Biden blames Russia’s war in Ukraine for food supply shortages and price hikes.
> Russia has blocked about 300 cargo ships in the Black Sea that cannot export grain and other food for export from Ukraine.

Uplifting news:
> The children called her "Aunt Soup": a woman who fed Azovstal for two months was evacuated to Zaporizhia.

Other news:
> The first Russian serviceman will stand trial for killing a civilian in the Sumy region.
> Belarus deploys special operations forces in three directions near the border with Ukraine.
> The US Senate registered a resolution recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism.

Uplifting news:
> The first plane with Ukrainian refugees arrived in Canada.

Other news:
> Germany and Greece have reopened their embassies in Kyiv.
> Russia’s economy facing worst contraction since 1994.
> The EU and U.S. have come up with a plan to meet Ukraine’s financing needs over the next three months.

Uplifting news:
> The World Health Organization has donated 20 all-terrain ambulances to Ukraine.
> Canada will abolish tariffs on Ukrainian
imports for a year.

Other news:
> The Russian air force has hit Ukraine with 53 strikes in the last 24 hours.
> Ukraine has completed the second part of the questionnaire on EU membership.

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Two cities - one fate

90% of the Luhansk region is occupied by the Russian army. The shelling of residential areas practically does not stop. The town of Rubizhne has shared the fate of Mariupol: there are no surviving houses in it, and many are so destroyed that they cannot be repaired.

May 23rd to May 27th

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine's defense minister wants to arm 1 million

At the beginning of the war, the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was about 250,000. According to Ukrainian law, it cannot exceed 261,000 people, including 215,000 servicemen. The Russian army by comparison totals around 900,000 soldiers.