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May 16th - May 20th


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Particulary positive news:
> Famous internet cat from Kharkiv helps to raise money for Ukrainian animal shelters.
> WHO chief says he spoke to Russian foreign minister about safe aid access to besieged areas in Ukraine.

Other news:
> Switzerland to reopen its embassy in Kiev.
> Ukrainian court grants permission for arrest of former president Yanukovych for fleeing to Russia in 2014.

Particulary positive news:
>EU unveils $220-billion renewable energy plan to sidestep Russian gas.

Other news:
> US State Department announces new program to provide "evidence of Russia-perpetrated war crimes."
> The US is working closely with allies to try to develop routes to get vital grain supplies out of Ukraine.
> Human Rights Watch says Russian troops carried out executions, torture in northern Ukraine.

Particulary positive news:
> Kalush Orchestra will tour Europe to raise funds for Ukraine.

Other news:
> French carmaker Renault's assets in Russia get nationalized.
> Putin: Finland and Sweden's NATO entry isn't a threat to Russia, but military expansion will cause a response.
> Ukraine war threatens lives of malnourished children around the world, Unicef says.


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Am Ende steht ein Anfang

Die zweitgrößte Stadt der Ukraine war hart umkämpft. Russische Soldaten drangen bis ins Zentrum der Stadt vor. Obwohl Charkiw an vielen Stellen zerstört ist, hat die größte Druckerei der Region ihre Maschinen wieder angeworfen.

Ukraine is facing a winter energy crisis

As winter hits Ukraine, so do Russian missiles destroying the heating infrastructure.

Russia resumes rocket attacks on Ukraine, targeting the country’s energy grid

Despite the increase in their frequency, military targets have largely been excluded in favor of energy facilities and civilian infrastructure.