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May 16th - May 20th


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Particulary positive news:
> Famous internet cat from Kharkiv helps to raise money for Ukrainian animal shelters.
> WHO chief says he spoke to Russian foreign minister about safe aid access to besieged areas in Ukraine.

Other news:
> Switzerland to reopen its embassy in Kiev.
> Ukrainian court grants permission for arrest of former president Yanukovych for fleeing to Russia in 2014.

Particulary positive news:
>EU unveils $220-billion renewable energy plan to sidestep Russian gas.

Other news:
> US State Department announces new program to provide "evidence of Russia-perpetrated war crimes."
> The US is working closely with allies to try to develop routes to get vital grain supplies out of Ukraine.
> Human Rights Watch says Russian troops carried out executions, torture in northern Ukraine.

Particulary positive news:
> Kalush Orchestra will tour Europe to raise funds for Ukraine.

Other news:
> French carmaker Renault's assets in Russia get nationalized.
> Putin: Finland and Sweden's NATO entry isn't a threat to Russia, but military expansion will cause a response.
> Ukraine war threatens lives of malnourished children around the world, Unicef says.


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June 27th to 1st July

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Snake Island liberated

Since June 20th, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have launched a series of strikes on the island and have taken out a Russian transport ship.

Russia’s war economy: A disaster in the making

The country is to become a new Iran due to Ukraine's invasion and Western sanctions.