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War in Ukraine

June 7th to June 10th

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Particulary positive news:

  • The Kyiv Zoo has received 17 tons of food from European

Other news:

  • In Mariupol, a fire at the Satellite plant has destroyed several thousand tons of sunflower seeds and oil.
  • Denmark and the Netherlands: Ukraine does not fulfill necessary criteria to become EU member.
  • Czechia to launch program issuing long-term visas and residence permits to Russian and Belarussian activists.
  • Ukraine loses up to 100 fighters every day.
  • More than 120 appeals were received by the police via the "Search for Children" chatbot.
  • Hackers took control of Kommersant FM radio in Russia and played Ukrainian songs.
  • Almost 45,000 Kyiv residents have written applications to “Diya” (Action) to recover their destroyed property.

Particulary positive news:

  • Canada will fund an internship for 600 Ukrainian students.
  • The fifth shipment of humanitarian aid for Ukraine arrived from Argentina.

Particulary weird news:

  • Boris Johnson has been ordained as an honorary Cossack in Chernihiv where he has been dubbed “Boris Chuprina.”

Other news:

  • The national team of Ukraine has announced an application for a UEFA League of Nations match.

Particulary positive news:

  • Another 16 civilians were evacuated from the combat zone in Donetsk region.

Other news:

  • Up to 11,000 people remain in Severodonetsk - it is impossible to evacuate them.
  • Fires due to Russian shelling have destroyed about 30 hectares of natural ecosystem in the Kharkiv region researchers say.
  • India in talks to increase Russian oil imports from Rosneft.

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June 27th to 1st July

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

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