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War in Ukraine

June 20th to June 24th

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Particulary positive news:

  • Rescuers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine of Luhansk region delivered 500 kg of food and 48 tons of water to the residents of Lysychansk.

Othe news:

  • Journalists of the German newspaper Bild came under fire near Lysychansk.
  • Putin has become the politician with the lowest perception in the world, according to Pew Research.
  • Chinese leader Xi Jinping calls the war in Ukraine a "Ukrainian crisis" as Beijing continues to be neutral.

Particulary positive news:

  • Currently, volunteers are evacuating up to 120 civilians from Mariupol every day.

Othe news:

  • While Russia has not released casulty figures since March, the PR has reported 2128 soldiers killed and 8897 wounded.
  • The Ministry of Defense of Belarus has announced the start of mobilization exercises in the Gomel region - on the border with Ukraine.
  • Exclusive RSF investigation into the death of Maks Levin: "Information and evidence collected indicates this Ukrainian journalist was executed.

Particulary positive news:

  • The Verkhovna Rada plans to introduce a moratorium on raising gas and heat tariffs for the period of martial law and for 6 months after its end.

Othe news:

  • Up to seven Belarussian battalions are stationed on the border between Belarus and Ukraine - in Brest and Gomel oblasts.
  • Russia has deported 1.2 million Ukrainians to its territory.
  • British news site The Telegraph has been blocked in Russia.

Particulary positive news:

  • Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba stated Foreign Ministry will “actively persuade” McDonald’s to resume sales Ukraine.

Othe news:

  • NATO chief Stoltenberg predicted that the war in Ukraine could last for years.
  • The United Nations announced that it would reduce food rations for refugees in East Africa, citing the war in Ukraine as its reasoning for the cuts.
  • Ukraine announced that it wants to legally restrict the distribution of Russian-language books and music.

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