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War in Ukraine

June 14th to June 17th

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Particulary positive news:

  • Five Ukrainian lessons a week have been introduced in Lithuanian schools for refugee children.

Other news:

  • French President Emmanuel Macron has acknowledged that his talks with Russian president Vladimir Putin have not vielded the desired results, but considers it necessary to continue these talks.
  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz declares "massive support" and arms supplies to Ukraine.
  • The number of UN-confirmed civilians killed and wounded by Russian forces has exceeded 10,000.

Particulary positive news:

  • Ukraine is among the top ten countries in the
    Global Skill Report.

Other news:

  • French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Romanian President Klaus Johannis visited Irpin.
  • Russia' s largest gas field is on fire.
  • Ukraine will present a volunteer from Chernihiv at the Miss Universe 2022 contest.

Particulary positive news:

  • Medical trains of Ukrzaliznytsia and Doctors Without Borders transported more than 1,000 wounded, sick and their families.

Other news:

  • Due to EU sanctions, large Russian food producers have faced a shortage of cardboard for food packaging, leading to instability in supply.
  • Nord Stream gas supply to Germany reduced by 40% according to Gazprom.
  • Over the past 24hrs, Russian troops have carried out 13 strikes on 11 settlements in the Donetsk region, and civilians have been killed and wounded.

Particulary positive news:

  • In Ukraine, 377 out of 1,017 deoccupied settlements
    were demined.

Other news:

  • Ukraine and the United States signed a memorandum on
    cooperation in agriculture.
  • The EU has disconnected three more Russian banks from
  • In Germany, there are more supporters of Ukraine's
    membership in the EU than opponents.

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