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18 Pictures of Destruction

In the City Center of Bucha


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The brutality of the Russian war in Ukraine has reached its current climax in Bucha. Defenseless civilians have been murdered. All indications point to the Russian army having perpetrated these acts. There are still residents of Bucha who have not left their home. Many houses were not destroyed. Therefore, the possibility of returning to Bucha seems much more likely than it might be the case of Irpin.

1. Two journalists interview a resident of Bucha. In the background there is a destroyed tank.

2. Destroyed Russian tank with the inscription "Russian ship, fuck you!"

3. In Butscha, there is a relatively new shopping center called Novum. After being bombed, it was looted. In this picture you can see the former beverage section.

4. A completely destroyed car in front of the shopping center.

5. Ukrainian tanks secure the area.

6. Dozens of tanks and destroyed cars lie on the streets.

7. The van on the left says "children".

8. The driver was apparently shot at.

9. The items left in the van indicate that there really were children inside.

10. Scattered all over the city: Recently dug graves.

11. A man is bringing garbage to the dumpster with his two children. The scene is unusual. We were in Bucha for a total of 60 minutes. In total, I saw only nine inhabitants, often older couples.

12. This road leads to the "Wood and Food". A well-known restaurant in the area.

13. A charred house.

14. Several buildings were bombed and suffered great fire damage. However, the destruction is not as severe as it is in Irpin.

15. Shattered windows

16. Parts of cars and a tank distributed on the road.

17. Some apartments are completely destroyed. Others appear to be intact.

18. The Bucha massacre shocked the world. Even vehicles carrying children were shot at. The center of the town was devastated in many places. In some other places, however, the town remained reasonably unscathed. The bigger problem: Irpin and Butscha are classified as mined areas. These mines will be removed in the coming weeks, but they will also cause more casualties. In this picture, you can see three residents returning to their town.

Pictures by Benjamin Fredrich.
04.04.2022 - 4 P.M. - Bucha

Note: Access to the city is possible only with a military escort. That is why there were always two soldiers by my side. Thanks for the trust.


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