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Finland to join NATO


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After long discussion, Finland has decided to apply for NATO membership. NATO leaders have already said unofficially that the nordic country fulfills the requirements to join the organization and that the process would be completed as fast as possible.
Sweden is expected to make a similar announcement in the coming days.


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Two cities - one fate

90% of the Luhansk region is occupied by the Russian army. The shelling of residential areas practically does not stop. The town of Rubizhne has shared the fate of Mariupol: there are no surviving houses in it, and many are so destroyed that they cannot be repaired.

May 23rd to May 27th

A daily update regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine's defense minister wants to arm 1 million

At the beginning of the war, the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was about 250,000. According to Ukrainian law, it cannot exceed 261,000 people, including 215,000 servicemen. The Russian army by comparison totals around 900,000 soldiers.